How It Works

It can be overwhelming when you need to clear out a property and make it ready to sell.  Sometimes this happens after a difficult event in your life.  Allow us to help you with the process.  This is what you can expect:

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Overview of estate liquidation services

  • Clear out items without value (dispose/recycle)
  • Online auction all items of value
  • Donate food, clothing, books and household items to local charities and donation centers
  • Selling the home

Full process

  • Determine items of value and get ready for auction
  • Separate family heirlooms and important documents (shred as needed)
  • Donate food, clothing, books and other household items of minimal value
  • Prep home for sale (interior/exterior cleanup, minor renovation, photography and staging)
  • Sell Home

“From start to finish, the process should take 30-60 days”